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So you have opened your shop and now need to maximise your sales. In this blog we will provide tips on how to ensure your items get seen in RETRuly and also how to bring more customers into your shop.

Getting seen on RETRuly

Shoppers on RETRuly browse by department, search for particular items and use the search filters. It is therefore important that your listings take into account all three of these.

In order to ensure your items are seen in the search it is important to ensure that your item title contains all the search terms that a customer is likely to use, it is also advisable to include the size of the item in the title. Once a seller has found your item, good quality photos and a detailed description with accurate measurement and detailed condition report will maximise your chances of selling.

When you list an item please ensure that the select all the search filters that apply. If you don’t complete these your items will not show up if the customer selects the search filter.

Make sure you use shipping profiles. These allow you to specify international postage options. Don’t limit your sales by only specifying domestic postage rates.

Promoting your RETRuly store

To bring customers to your show we recommend that you promote wherever you can. Here are some suggestions:

1 – Your own Web page – if you have your own web page, why not add a link to your RETRuly store. We are happy to create a RETRuly banner that will fit with your shop theme

2 – Facebook – Use Facebook to post updates to your store (new listings, promotions etc.) on a regular basis to draw your followers and friends into your store. the use of quality images is the most effective way of getting clicks to your store.

3 – Twitter – Post regular updates, with images on Twitter to increase your following and get clicks to your store. Be sure to add your RETRuly shop link in your Twitter settings.

4 – Instagram – This is one of the most effective ways of promoting your store. Make regular Instagram posts with great quality images and good use of # tags will soon increase your following and raise awareness of your shop.

5 – Pinterest – Like, Instagram, this is a great tool to use to promote your items. Create collections and group your items. As you add items from the social links on RETRuly the items will automatically be linked.

6 – Write a Blog – A blog is a great way of building a following. By linking to your store of specific items it will also drive traffic.

7 – Hold a SALE – Why not mark down some of your items in the Listings Manager and promote your sale.

8 – Enlist Family and Friends. Make use of the contacts you have to spread the word. Why not get them to visit your shop, like some of your listings and post them to social media using the quick links on the web page.

We hope that you found this useful. We will release more seller guides over the coming weeks, but if you have a specific subject that would be useful to you please let us know.


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